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Code From Anywhere Client Package

Throughout the years I've optimized my development process, that's why I don't work as a solo freelancer anymore. I have created a package (Cost: €12500,- per month, excluding VAT.) that provides a much better value than when I would freelance solo. We create boilerplates, skeletons, MVP's and extensive high-quality products from scratch using our own set of tools. Because we have a very clear-defined and well-cut-out tech-stack, we can do things much more efficiently and cost-effective than most freelancers/agencies.

Workforce & task division

Two developers will build out the product.

The main developer will have a medior to senior skill level in full stack (web)app development. This developer will be your main contact person and will build out most features of the product. His/her workload will be about 40 hours a week.

The other developer (me) has a senior skill level in full stack (web)app development. I will do product ownership and guidance, but I will mostly be improving the frameworks and libraries that the product will be built on. I will join meetings and make sure the goal stays feasible.


Most apps take at least 1 month to make a first version for (skeleton). This is a bare version that will need improvement.

Most MVP's take about 3 months with the above described workforce. Depending on the feature-set and amount of flexibility/iterations needed, it can take longer.

Most MVP's need iterations after a first working version has been released, which can go on indefinitely. Because we specialize in greenfield MVP's we prefer to hand it over by then, but it is still possible if you can't find other developers. We can also help you to build your own in-house team.

Way of working
  • Best frontend + backend practices applied
  • Sprints take 2 weeks, 1-2 meetings per sprint with you (aim for weekly, cancel freely)
  • Popular programming languages, frameworks and libraries are used. Not hard to find developers for this
  • You can provide other developers to grow a team. This makes it possible to build out a more extensive product and later make the product development completely inhouse.
  • After conclusion, there is possibility for extension
  • You will receive the source code of the consumer-facing application (front-end + back-end)
  • Code is highly documented, tech debt is minimal, easy to transfer to other agency
  • Closed-source code can be bought or used without source (closed-source code is mostly further maintained by us. If we stop maintenance, you can request the source for free so you can continue development)
Other services
  • (FREE) I can promote the tech we are creating for you using blog articles. This can attract developers that may be able to join you in the future.
  • I can do coaching sessions and workshops for your other developers. I also provide courses and bootcamps, online and in-person for our tech-stack.