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My main interest is System Architecture for Open Source, Decentralised, Scalable, Elegant (web)apps. These are the services I provide.

  • I can be your mentor and give 1:1 coaching
  • I give group demos & trainings about niche topics (any thing covered on this website, but more in-depth and applied on your usecase) for teams.
  • Exclusive access to high-value apps/tools: I'm working on tools, conventions, ideas, frameworks and apps for all topics in these sections. Do you want to be an early adopter with exclusive access? Message me on slack.
  • Boilerplates: I am selling boilerplates that could potentially kickstart your startup. Throughout the years I've built many startups and apps and I own most of the code. Because I can reuse this and because of the metascripting I've developed, it's easy to put together a huge customised boilerplate for a new startup or greenfield enterprise project. I can do this in a matter of days. This could save your team months of work, so let's have a call to see what you need, and if I can help you with that.
  • Codebase Review: I can review your codebase and provide my feedback, opinion, tips, tricks and advice for improvements.
  • Public Speaking: You can ask me to speak at an (online) event or conference. Message me on Slack.