Code From Anywhere

Learn full stack Typescript and travel the world!

Code from Anywhere Bootcamp

Me coding from the Himalaya

Learn how to love coding
  • You take your laptop and camping/survival gear and join me where ever I am. This is mostly somewhere in the mountains and almost always in nature.
  • You join me and the other programmers and students. Ideally, minimum one month, but any amount of time is possible.
  • You go completely offline, all needed data and information will be provided via flashdrives. Detox your Internet usage, Drown in Typescript
  • You will be immersed with programming things 24/7 while only being behind your screen up to 12 hours a day. The rest is done in other creative ways...
  • In a matter of weeks your skills will fly through the roof
  • You're not allowed to do anything unrelated to the bootcamp. The rules are very strict, which enforce a quick and steady learning curve.

The bootcamp consists of multiple sections, which can be done one by one, but you can also choose to do multiple sections at the same time.

  • Beginner: You'll learn the basics of web development (JSON, Markdown, HTML, CSS, Bash) Time required: 2-4 weeks

  • Frontend: You'll learn how to make professional frontends (Git, React, Typescript, Data Storage Methods, Tailwind, packages, configs, deployment) Time required: 2-4 weeks

  • Full stack: You'll learn full stack development and make complete apps from stratch (Node.js, react with native, cloud server deployment, databases, security) Time required: 4-6 weeks

  • Wizard stuff: You'll learn advanced concepts and practices to become the best in your field (Decentralised architectures, automation, metascripting, typescript introspection, conventions and standards, etc. etc.) Time required: ∞

  • Networking: You'll learn how to build a network, how to find freelance opportunities, and how to shine in the interview processes Time required: 80-160 hours, divided over your bootcamp

  • Adventure: You'll learn how to live a travel lifestyle full of adventures

In 1-3 months you'll become skilled enough to apply for freelance jobs you can do from anywhere. Within a year you'll be able to work in a very international setting and earn a good freelancer salary (depends on your region, but much higher than your regional average)

  • In this bootcamp you'll learn how to earn €10k+ per month in a matter of months
  • The bootcamp is 100% FREE
  • You are responsible for your own costs. That means the following:
    • travel (flight, bus rides, jeep rides)
    • insurance, visa, permit
    • food
    • lodging
    • other

In practice, you can expect to spend a minimum of 1000€ on fixed costs (flights, domestic travel, visa, permits, insurances) and to spend a minimum of €300 per month on food and lodging. We are already negotiating with guest houses and hotels to find a good offer, which will make it so cheap.

I'm doing this for free, but if you end up finding a job and make a lot of money as a result of this bootcamp, I would appreciate a monetary gift. The size of this gift is up to you, but please know that normal bootcamps like this cost about €10k or more. I will not require any money because this is the first bootcamp I organise.

To back up my statement about the earnings, this is what I earned while coding from anywhere the last months. At the highest point I as scraping in more than €30.000,- in a month by juggling 5 clients (and 80+ hours a week) for frontend and full stack development.


Like you can see in the roadmap, the program takes up to 3 months total. The daily life looks a bit like this:

  • In the morning we enjoy a nice breakfast in the guesthouse we stay in
  • In the day we code (9-1pm and 2-6pm). This is your individual focus-time, for everyone
  • In the evening sometimes there can be presentations and coaching sessions, but mostly it's chill
  • Whenever you like, you can go hiking (alone or with others)
  • We'll stay in a village at at an altitude of 3000 to 3750 meters. This is quite high, so make sure you do some research about acclomitisation
  • There will be electricity, but maybe not in your room
  • There will be internet, but we choose not to use it most of the time
  • There will be a way of communication in emergencies, both ways
  • There will be breakfast, lunch, and dinner available in the guesthouse we stay
  • The guesthouse will be relatively comfortable, but still quite basic compared to western standards. WE are in the mountains of nepal, this is no luxury hotel you're going.
  • I'm providing material via a printed and/or digital book or books. This material is everything you need to know about full stack typescript. Part of it is a course about it I've made myself. Other parts include documentation of much used libraries.
  • I'm not going to run around answering your questions and fixing your bugs the whole day. My responsibility is bringing together a community in a strict bootcamp-setting and cool environment. In the evenings I relax and we can talk, and sometimes then I'll explain things about typescript and the topics of the bootcamp, but this is not something you should expect on a daily basis.
  • You need to bring your laptop, preferably a Mac, and preferably one that can be charged with powerbanks (also bring powerbanks). If you have a mac, no need to worry about having the right programs. If you have no mac, please make sure you install the basic things needed to code (VSCode, Node.js, NPM, etc.)
  • I expect you to be a self-starter not needing to be chased to do his work and reach his/her goal. If you don't have motivation to become a super good programmer, please don't join the bootcamp.
What I need to know about you
  • what's your experience with coding?
  • what's your education?
  • what's your work experience?
  • where were you born, where have you lived, and where do you live now?
  • what has been your biggest adventure?
  • what's your dream? your goal? your mission?
  • what's your max. budget for this bootcamp?
  • What's your time buffer before you need to get a job in full stack software development?
  • do you want to participate 3 months, full time?
  • would you be able to go all in? so no other things on the side?
  • are you able to go fully offline for 3 months? (max 1x per week internet + calls would still be possible). Of course, you can get mobile reception straight away in emergencies. We can also have a landline phone number so anyone can reach you in case of something urgent
  • where can I reach you? Phone number, whatsapp, email? should I add you to my slack community?
  • When would you be able to join? What would be the first possible date, and what would be the last?
Why offline?

For the past year I've been working on downloading lots of information from the internet into my own machine, so I don't need internet to "google" things. I basically have a huge knowledge base for things that you'd need as a junior dev, that's what makes it possible to go completely offline. This way we can still search information, but we are not going to be distracted by things like YouTube and Social Media.

Who are you?

I'm Wijnand, I started freelancing with Full Stack Typescript about 5 years ago. Before that I did PHP for over 10 years. I also studied AI, but I know more about Typescript now. I love travel, kitesurf, mountains and adventure. That's why I only work remote nowadays. Last year I started with my own dev agency, where I work together with 2 devs from brazil and 3 devs from nepal on multiple projects. We stopped most client work and now we're going to build our own products (and this bootcamp is one of them)! :D

When are you going?

I'm still figuring that out! First please let me know your window of when you would be able to join me. If I have enough information about the group, I'll make a plan and share it with the people that fit the aim of this bootcamp

Why Typescript?

Typescript is a variant of Javascript that makes it much easier to write high-quality code. It is very easy to learn and it is a single programming language that can be used to make almost anything (websites, apps, browser plugins, VR/AR, backends, servers, even whole operating systems have been built with it)! This is why it's the perfect language, in my opinion, especially for beginners that want to keep all options open.

How many people are coming?

We got quite some people interested in this via this facebook post. Besides that I've tried to find people in many other ways. It's quite difficult to find people who can really DO IT, though. I think we mostly rely on people sharing it with their friends that they know could be a good fit, as it's hard to find people that would fit the picture.

That said, I'm talking to a couple of dozen of interested people (FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD, Mexico, USA, Europe, Africa), and hope to come up with a planning soon to make this happen!

Besides the students that will follow the bootcamp, a couple of Nepalese programmers will join as well, as I'm working with them!

How can I apply?

Please send the answers to all above questions to bootcamp@karsens.com or in any other medium you are communicating with me, if already. I will review all applications together before having an introduction call with everyone that I think aligns with the intended goal of this bootcamp.