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Course Outline

JSON (.json): string, number, boolean, null, undefined, object, array

Markdown (.md): (sub)headings, bold, italic, links, images, backticks, triple backticks, frontmatter

Terminal (.sh): All common commands and keybindings, git, yarn, npm, node, important sensible dev commands.

Typescript basics (.ts): imports/exports (packages), function syntax, statement syntax, typescript syntax, primitive/global functions


Using Sensible Dev: run dev and newOperation and work the sensible way.

Conventions & best practices: KISS, composition over inheritance, return early, good naming, good commenting (refer to more detailed list)


Code lifecycle: idea, todo, written code, compile/transpile/build/parse/etc, code that is ran by user, shipping that to the right environment and making it accessible. It's important to explain this in detail.

Node Typescript: important node functions (fs, path, child_process) and common dependencies (server)

Backend Security


React Typescript: important react features (components, props, useState, useEffect, events, hooks, api, useQuery, useStore)

Frontend: HTML, CSS, Tailwind, React (with Native), Next.js, Expo...



Solving problems, Searching & Getting stuck

Distribution: frontend deployment, backend deployment, git, npm, social media, pdf, usb...

Vocabulary: Learn our vocabulary


Team Communication

Client Communication